Eva Longoria & Santagio Cabrera Break Down The Complicated Relationships In Land Of Women


  • Apple TV+’s new miniseries
    Land of Women
    explores three generations of women facing challenges, starring Eva Longoria as wine connoisseur Gala.
  • The show focuses on bridging gaps between the family members as they navigate their relationships and face various conflicts.
  • Land of Women
    offers a unique portrayal of complex family dynamics and features elements of romance and comedy.

The new Apple TV+ miniseries Land of Women (also known as Tierra de Mujeres) is a dramedy that spans three generations of women, each with their own challenges to face that reflect the world around them. Eva Longoria, who also serves as executive producer and continues to capitalize on the comedic chops she first displayed in Desperate Housewives, stars as wine connoisseur Gala. Shortly after opening her own shop, thugs come to collect $15 million from her now-disappeared husband, forcing her to flee the country alongside her college-aged daughter Kate (Victoria Bazua) and somewhat estranged mother Julia (Carmen Maura).

Together, the women travel to Julia’s remote hometown in Spain, where she first learned the wine trade. Land of Women wastes no time in setting up the conflict and its potential resolution by having Gala crash right into Amat’s (Santiago Cabrera, Star Trek: Picard) vineyard, which is cultivated primarily by the women of the town and belongs to Julia’s family. Land of Women offers hints of romance as Gala pieces her life back together, but its primary focus is bridging the gaps that have kept the women of Gala’s family separated from one another.


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Screen Rant interviewed Longoria and Cabrera about their roles and relationship in Land of Women, a project they clearly believe in, and how the complicated character dynamics evolve over the course of the season. Interestingly enough, the two previously worked together in For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada, and their easy chemistry shines through on their new show.

Eva Longoria Explains The Three Generations In Land Of Women

“You don’t see shows like this.”

Gala, Julia & Kate lying in bed in Land of Women

Screen Rant: Eva, I love that this show is really about girls having to do it for themselves, and the family dynamics are rather complex. Can you discuss the back-and-forth with Gala and her mother, Julia, and how the love is tainted with some resentment?

Eva Longoria: Yeah, there’s so much trauma and history between them that is unpacked throughout the show. I really like that it’s paced out to where you get to understand, “Oh, okay, that’s their dynamic.”

But I love that in the pilot episode, all you know is that they have a bad relationship. Gala has a bad relationship with her mom and a bad relationship with her daughter, and this girl’s trip is going to really help them rediscover and get to know each other in a way that they never have put effort toward.

I feel like Gala is parenting Julia because Julia is the child sometimes; she’s free and crazy and like, “You take yourself too seriously.” And I also feel like Kate is parenting Gala, like, “Mom, that’s not how it is. That’s not today’s society. This is how you have to see things.” I love that all of that is kind of turned on its head, and I just love that we’re exploring a relationship between three generations of women. You don’t see shows like this.

“Every character’s story gets told.”

Santiago Cabrera & Eva Longoria as Amat & Gala sitting in wine warehouse in Land of Women

Santiago, Amat and Gala have quite the meet-cute in that it is rather more of a meet-mad. What is his first impression of her and how would you say their dynamic evolves over the course of the season?

Santiago Cabrera: Yeah, they hate to love each other, or love to hate each other — or whatever the saying is. It’s great. I think that lends itself and is built for a lot of comedy, that thing of just committing to the situation. It’s just really high stakes from the get-go. I mean, she literally not only crashes into me but destroys a whole livelihood for the whole town.

Eva Longoria: And she crashed into his life.

Santiago Cabrera: Yeah, exactly. Literally. And then there’s the house, and it just reads so well. We watched it last night, and I enjoyed it so much. You can see the audience just responding to it, and then the fact that it just goes into the past of each character and digs into it.

It just has moments where it breathes as well, and it’s refreshing to see that every character’s story gets told. I think that those flashbacks are really rich and very telling, for sure.

About Land Of Women

Land of Women is a dramedy starring Eva Longoria as Gala, a well-to-do New Yorker who has her life turned upside down when her husband fails to repay a debt to the wrong people. With dangerous criminals searching for her family and now vanished husband, Gala is forced to leave the city with her aging mother Julia (Carmen Maura) and teenage daughter Kate (Victoria Bazúa) to her mother’s hometown in northern Spain—a place that Julia fled 50 years ago—to start life anew and hope their identities remain hidden. But gossip in the charming wine town quickly spreads, unraveling their deepest family secrets and truths.

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