Mirage Giving Away Cash Before Closing • This Week in Gambling

You’ve probably heard by now that the Mirage is closing soon. But what may be a surprise is the Mirage giving away cash before they shut their doors on the 17th of this month. And what’s even more surprising is that they are required to do so by state  law! How’s that for a kick in the pants?

Nevada regulations state that all progressive jackpots must be paid out before they can officially shut their doors. That comes to $1.6 million that will be given out as winnings paid on slot machines before July 16th. What does that mean for players? How about $200,000 in guaranteed winnings every day! And on Friday and Saturday the prize grows to $250,000!

On the last day of giveaways, $100,000 will be distributed among slot players. That means that all together, slot machine prizes will total $1.2 million. Additionally, Mirage giving away cash totaling $400,000 in table game jackpots. For further information on the cash giveaways and game rules, please visit the casino’s website.

The Mirage originally opened back in 1989 and was one of the first to usher in the era of Las Vegas mega resorts. The Mirage giving away cash is not only required by regulations, it’s also a hell of a way to say goodbye. The resort will now undergo the transformation into a new Hard Rock, with an anticipated opening date int the spring of 2027.