Monday assorted links – Marginal REVOLUTION

1. Ronan McGovern on Finland and two Baltics.

2. Was housing overbuilt in Nevada?

3. How much of the universe is legible to intelligence?

4. What are the bottlenecks for actually applying evidence to policy decisions?

5. Adrian Wooldridge says beware of Labour rule (Bloomberg).

6. “The Japanese government is planning to connect major cities with automated zero-emissions logistics links that can quietly and efficiently shift millions of tons of cargo, while getting tens of thousands of trucks off the road.

7. Ismael Kadare, RIP.

8. Revenge of the generalist?: “Prediction: Over the next decade there will be a revenge of the generalist. Generalists will be rewarded as organizations shrink and employees are asked to do more with less. AI will accelerate this trend as specialized tasks become more and more automated.”  Gagan Biyani.

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